The human trisome project will help us understand The variety of medical conditions Regulated by Trisomy 21.

Our Mission

Historically, the population with trisomy 21 has been neglected in many ways, and until not too long ago they were not deemed worthy of proper medical care or research. The Human Trisome Project arises from the fundamental belief that all human beings are equally worthy of medical care and research, regardless of their genetic make-up, and that all individuals can make significant contributions to our society. The Human Trisome Project will revert centuries of neglect, transforming the population with trisomy 21 into one of the best-studied groups of human beings in the world. This project will serve them first and foremost, but also aims to benefit all humankind. 

Click here to view The Human Trisome Project Biobank flyer.

Goals of the Project

1.  We will perform the largest and most comprehensive study of individuals with trisomy 21, including extensive characterization at the clinical, physiological, cellular and molecular levels. 

2.  We will bring together top data scientists, basic scientists and clinical researchers to translate this powerful knowledge into new diagnostic and therapeutic tools. These findings will benefit individuals with trisomy 21 and the world population as a whole.

3.  We will create matching public databases and bio-repositories of key biological samples to accelerate research on Down syndrome worldwide.

Visit the Research Team page to learn more about the world-class scientists and medical doctors leading our research.

Are you Interested in participating in down syndrome research? 

We are currently enrolling anyone 6 months to 89 years old who: 1) has Down syndrome (any type) 2) has a family member with Down syndrome 3) is a healthy individual without Down syndrome. Click here to view The Human Trisome Project Biobank flyer for more information. Contact us at 303-724-7366 and